Sites for Organisations – Transparency in Two Clicks

Developing a website for your organisation can promote and advertise its work and presence to a world-wide audience.  Increasingly however it is a legal requirement to publish accounts, minutes and agendas for reasons of transparency and accountability.

Many non-profit making organisations including all small local authorities are legally required to publish their financial and other documents online.

There have been guidelines in place for several years regulating the online publication of such information for small local authorities; the Transparency Code. *

My websites do not only promote the work of your organisation, club, charity or council but are easily navigable and present the necessary documents in a clear way, ensuring all documentation is readily available to a wide audience.

Two clicks is all it takes to reach the content management pages clearly displaying those important documents for viewing or downloading.

…and it is cheaper than you think.  One of my specialities is enabling small local authorities to gain an online presence, from websites to portals for consultations on neighbourhood plans, to social media pages assisting with consultations.   Send me a message now for further details of how I can help.

Local Business

Promoting local independent businesses is one of my passions.  I have been fortunate to create websites and social media campaigns for several local businesses, the latest being the wonderful Whinfield Farm Nurseries.

I first met Andrew and Clare Robertson when my son, Isaac, worked a summer job in the tea room which the couple run alongside their plant nursery.

Being a keen gardener I enjoyed browsing the beautiful nurseries and made some great purchases for my garden.  Being a self-confessed greedy guts, the tea room provided me with an enjoyable opportunity to try the delicious award winning Beckleberry’s Ice Cream, heavenly coffee and simply scrummy cakes!

Working on this website gave me an opportunity to work with Andrew and Clare who are such lovely people.

The nurseries will open again for the season very soon, the Robertson generally open in March.  Theirs is a family run business.  They are lifelong gardeners.  The location of their business is superb, close to the Teesdale Way but tucked away, off the A67.

Parking is plentiful, access is good.  So this Spring come along and support this local business, pause a while with a cup of tea and a cake, and enjoy this little piece of rural Teesdale.