Sites for Organisations – Transparency in Two Clicks

Developing a website for your organisation can promote and advertise its work and presence to a world-wide audience.  Increasingly however it is a legal requirement to publish accounts, minutes and agendas for reasons of transparency and accountability.

Many non-profit making organisations including all small local authorities are legally required to publish their financial and other documents online.

There have been guidelines in place for several years regulating the online publication of such information for small local authorities; the Transparency Code. *

My websites do not only promote the work of your organisation, club, charity or council but are easily navigable and present the necessary documents in a clear way, ensuring all documentation is readily available to a wide audience.

Two clicks is all it takes to reach the content management pages clearly displaying those important documents for viewing or downloading.

…and it is cheaper than you think.  One of my specialities is enabling small local authorities to gain an online presence, from websites to portals for consultations on neighbourhood plans, to social media pages assisting with consultations.   Send me a message now for further details of how I can help.

Spread the Cost…Pay Monthly

Starting your own business can be daunting.  Daunting and expensive. And sadly just at the very moment when it feels like you are spending money you don’t have, you are no longer enjoying the security of a regular salary.

But the rewards of running your own business are huge and varied.

There are certain things that every business should have and a well designed  website is a necessity.  A good website is your shop-window to the world.  Your business needs to be two clicks away from everyone, everywhere.

So how can you ensure you give your business maximum exposure whilst keeping within your cash flow limits?

I can design and develop a website for you with none of the up-front charges associated with other web designers.

With equal, fixed monthly payments, no interest charges and no loan, you really can spread the cost and get your website, digital marketing and social media, up and running.


Teesdale Mercury Article

Two of my four courses began last week with learners’ getting to grips with booting up, powering down and lots in between!

This week I am teaching basic digital skills at Barnard Castle, Crook, Shildon and Middleton St George.  If anyone would like to know more or is interested for themselves or for a friend or relative, please contact me, Lisa on 07966516270 or 01325 730765. Classes aim to get the less confident online and are relaxed and gentle with lots of laughs along the way!

I was fortunate to have a wonderful article published in the Teesdale Mercury on Wednesday 18th January.  Written and photographed by Alex Metcalfe he wrote of my career path and experience in business and education.

Many thanks to Alex for writing such a fab piece and congratulations to the Teesdale Mercury for being such a great read each week.

I am also continuing to work on my latest commissioned websites.  Check out Melanie Edmenson School of Dance...she is such a fantastic teacher of dance to all ages.  I have loved working on her site and it is now nearing completion.

For more details of the pay as you go marketing, websites and social media service I provide please contact me on 07966516270 or email

New Year New Start Up!

Always wanted to work for yourself?  Dreamed of being your own boss?  Got an idea but don’t have the confidence to go for it?

You can do this.

Let 2017 be the year when you work the hardest you’ve ever worked but this time…you are doing it for yourself.  If you have the idea and the commitment you can make your dreams come true.

Throughout January and February I am offering a completely free consultation regarding setting up your business and managing your online presence.  From websites to ebay shops to social media marketing.

Call me, Lisa on 07966516270 or email to arrange a free no-obligation consultation or …just to have a friendly chat!