With online fraud rising dramatically in 2016 it is now more important than ever to stay safe online and prevent the fraudsters from claiming you as their next victim.  But just how do we keep our money out of the clutches of the online thief?  Follow the 7 simple rules detailed below and you can help keep your money safe.

  1. PIN and PASSWORDS will never, ever, ever be requested by genuine bank staff.  Do not reveal them to anyone.
  2. SHRED, RIP, TEAR paperwork detailing your name, address and account numbers before disposing of them.
  3. If you receive an email from your bank, paypal account or other financial organisation, DO NOT click on any link in the email.  This could be a Phishing scam. Open up another browser and access your account in the normal way.
  4. Update security software on your computer or laptop.
  5. Know than any advice to move your money to a ‘safe’ account detailing fraudulent activity on your account, is actually a SCAM.
  6. TAKE FIVE.  If in doubt take five minutes to pause before clicking or acting on something which is out of the norm.
  7. Take a look at the action fraud website which is packed with useful tips.

*Phishing – scams originating in an email.  Vishing – scams originating in a phone call.  Smishing – scams originating in a text message.


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