…on the way to the toothpaste!

As I began my morning routine, I found, with a sense of outrage that in my hand was an interloper of the toothpaste variety! Most certainly not my usual and preferred brand of toothpaste! What on earth?!  My senses were upset, disturbed and I fumbled in the toothbrush pot for my preferred brand.  Ahhh, there it was. Brushing commenced.

I brushed my teeth in the same way I always do and, thankfully, with the same brand of toothpaste.

…and it reminded me that this blind devotion to one brand is what all entrepreneurs and businesses desire.  Brand loyalty is the gold medal, the final accolade, the pinnacle, of all involved in marketing.  A good marketing advisor will work towards this goal.  If a product or service can become the “go to” product for customers, that product will literally sell itself.  Customers do not decide to buy.  They simply buy. But how do you get there?  How do you instill that complete sense of loyalty, preference and confidence in your customers?

An integrated marketing plan implemented consistently will help your business work towards that level of customer loyalty.  We can help.  We have years of experience of marketing within very diverse sectors. We can help you turn your vacuum cleaner into a hoover or dyson!  Contact us for details of the marketing services we provide.



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